TargetST8 is now part of Accenture.

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Global reach, digital approach
Most professional services firms apply the same predictable approach they’ve always used—so they continue arriving at the same predictable results. But the world is changing. You need an agile, global partner that can leverage the best innovations and understand digital execution. You need TargetST8 Consulting.



We treat your company like our company
At TargetST8 Consulting, we promote an entrepreneurial culture, challenging our consultants to approach your project with the same passion they’d have if they were building their own companies. We’ve built an energetic, creative and driven team that’s prepared to help you make the very best choices for your company.



Strong relationships, a partner you can trust
Our clients’ trust is at the core of our business. For this reason, integrity and delivery are TargetST8 Consulting's most essential company values. We pride ourselves on our ability to cultivate long-lasting, quality partnerships between our professionals and our clients.


TargetST8 Consulting

The higher you aim, the more we can achieve
At TargetST8 Consulting, we aim to find the ideal state for every single client project we undertake. We are client-focused and strive to achieve a balanced partnership. We place particular importance on navigating our clients throughout the entire journey of your project–you should know exactly where you’re headed and understand in detail just how you’ll get there.

Our Story

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We are proud to have been recognized as the top Loan IQ  and Commercial Lending professional services firm in the world. We have more successful implementations than all of the other firms combined! We are uniquely positioned in the information bullseye to provide our clients with strategic advice that includes industry initiatives around  settlement and liquidity. Join us in a conversation to learn more!

There has been overwhelming excitement in the industry among our clients to leverage the digital solutions we have created using the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation! Did you know that we developed solutions that can replace 90% of your non-agency operations? Let us know if this is interesting to you.

If you have a Loan IQ project, we are the only firm in the world with enough experience to reduce your risk and give you confidence that you will finish. 

TargetST8 Consulting's professionals share a rich history.  We have served as trusted advisors, providing world-class execution services to a wide array of top-tier professional services clients. Driven by our passion and our entrepreneurial mindset, our business has evolved dramatically over the past decade and now encompasses an entire suite of services. We believe that innovative solutions know no industry boundaries so we draw inspiration from all around us, enabling us to identify and apply effective solutions to each of our client’s unique challenges.

We’ve seen tremendous growth in recent years, continuing our success. To provide greater global coverage to our clients (many of whom have asked us to be where they are), we’re continually expanding our footprint and capabilities.

What sets us apart? Deep expertise and a proven track record. We are proud of the work we've done over the past couple of decades and look forward to working with our clients in the future!

Experienced. Entrepreneurial. Innovative. TargetST8 Consulting.


TargetST8's Lending Focus

  • Implementations
    and Upgrades
  • Digital Innovation
    Operational Efficiency
  • Lending Program
    Strategy and Execution
  • What We
  • We believe you
    should be able
    to focus on
    your core
  • We believe consulting should
    be performed
    with integrity
  • We believe
    can be used in
    a sensible and
    smart way
  • We believe in
    deep expertise
  • We believe
    in you.